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Re: Ohio Rape: High School Students Joke About Rape In Leaked Video !

Originally Posted by kwilliams View Post
In response to your previous post. I agree fully with what Debby said and while generalisations are rarely, if ever, helpful, tragic events must always be put under the magnifying glass to root out the source problem. The scrutiny might make you uncomfortable but its needed.

So, it's okay for you to make a sweeping statement that American society is "beyond repair" but people are not allowed to pass comments about Indian society. Do you realise that makes no sense? I mean your knowledge of American society seems scant at best but you've made quite a few blanket statements.

Also, if a few urban women go out at night that is part of Indian society. It might not be common but is is part of the fabric of society. You should accept that and you should accept that they can do whatever they like. It's none of your business.
i said "beyond repair" bearing in mind their gun laws and the growing gun industry which has become an integral part of their's not really a blanket statement unless they curb the law entirely which is highly doubtful......

i am accepting that those few urban women can do whatever they want in india......they are free to do anything, we are not some islamic country......

all i am saying is that they are at their own risk if they go alone at is simply a telling fact that men are designed stronger by god and nature (or whoever for nonbelievers of god)......there is no guarantee that even the "protectors" and "law makers" will abide by the good because they are also men and can get provoked upon seeing a woman who's alone......

if what you call "true freedom and stuff" ever existed, rapes would have stopped happening long ago everywhere in the world......but that's only in an ideal world.......

that's why i keep getting back to cultural argument and hinduism......
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