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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by ranfurly View Post
Neither, Afrikaner is the correct way haha,

Most people get used to our words having double vowels, so it's a common mistake to make. I make it while typing..
You are correct, I have often see the double vowel

Originally Posted by ranfurly View Post
No, it shouldn't have been an exception either, it crippled alot of good black players, and townships in general to get their people into playing rugby but also continued separatism throughout other sports, which was stupid because we were all banned from playing internationally

Not so much now, you will see it more in the crowds with white Saffa's singing only "Die Stem", and refusing to stand for the rest of the anthem, generally these people are from the farm lands in the Western/Northern Cape, Boerland.

We were allowed to play back internationally in 91/92.
I can't recall the exact match, but it was so emotional and heartwarming to see Mandela during an international match( I don't the other nation), draped in the color of the national multi-racial team, and with all members showing so much deference and respect to him.

Am I correct to say, some those players seem truly and psychologically liberated now that they have the support of the whole SA population?
I personally do not care for Rugby, but the event human dimension seems quite therapeutic for the new country.

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