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Re: India gang rape outrage... what happens now?

Originally Posted by wild.river View Post
my mom visited a couple of slums in new delhi in the 90s. when this story came out, she said that she wasn't shocked. according to her, men in slums are raised like "animals"...
I don't believe in that "animals" theory because Bombay has bigger slums. Rape stats are less (218 cases) compared to Delhi (568 cases) in 2011. Having said, I understood one critical element very clearly.

Many people are badly affected (on multiple parameters) due to HUNGER. Economic/Income disparity comes next. Other parameters such as Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge etc come into play (most acid attack or young rape victims).

Again, there are exceptions. We see animals in the Women too. Read this:

Mother/Daughter kill stockbroker, cut him into 17 pieces (plot for his 17-crore property aka $3.2 million)!!

That's why I profess impartial punishment for either sex.

Originally Posted by wild.river View Post
you have to be to survive as the lowest denominator in a country of over 1 billion. and the "tough at all cost" mentality can translate into behavior such as this as adults.
This opens up a huge picture. The real India, more than 70% living in semi-urban and rural areas. I say this because there are many poor people living in India in rural/tribal areas where living conditions are far more worse than Metro slum areas. Many Indians living in cities have no idea about them. Example, they literally live with almost 18 hour power cuts compared to 2-4 hours in cities. Many villages have NO power at all let alone pondering about what they eat/drink/wear. See this pic:

This is exactly why I recruit some good numbers (~300 out of 1150 at two locations) from villages and tribal regions. Most of them work in packing section etc. Point is, moving them away from hunger-driven mad and unpredictable life.

I ask everyone here:

Try this experiment. Eat only ONCE per day (not heavy), and continue this trend for a week or 10 days. Then observe the changes inside you. Such things can't be written, only be felt.

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