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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by spiceboy View Post
And regarding Chávez, yeah, he may act as a dictator in his manner but he got there winning democratic ellections. And you know why? Because in the 80s Venezuela was a very rich country due to oil but in the end all the wealthy was shared by a very small part of the country, around the 5% of population while poverty was spread all over the country. Now virtually everybody as something to eat in their tables and Venezuela has shared all that wealth with all its citizens. Do you think all those millions of people are retards who voted for him are just puppets who just agree with all th officialist press while having nothing? No, they vote for him because they have seen how education has reached everyone and nobody is starving in the streets.Yes, that's socialism, something Americans dread but it has worked there for all those million of people who had NOTHING and now has the basics and they are grateful for this and adore Chávez for that. Of course, wealthy people and those American vultures who expoiled their oil for years are so beligarent against him.
I don't know if you are venezuelan or not bur the things are way more complicated than that. He's not winning for those reasons.
This is a very long subject but of couse it's not what the nedia is.
Either way I think it's stupid that they didnt give to visa to her bur it makes sense because of my country's stupid politics...we are by the way the first country to recognize palestine...
I'm against the goverment and I'm venezuelan

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