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Re: India gang rape victim dies

Originally Posted by *JR* View Post
Superb post, and I certainly "harp on" how the poor are mistreated around the world, including in the US. Anyhow, neither tennisbum nor I would disagree with you that rape is a big problem in the US (and elsewhere).
I don't know about you but I see plenty of people like tennisbum who are driven by their own agendas or just to show big nations (India/China/Russia etc) in poor light by ignoring their own backyards. Example, read this one:

What the International Community Can Do to Support the Protest Against the Delhi Gang Rape:

IMO they don't have any locus standi because this problem NOT yet brought down considerably in many 'International' countries

This happens most of the times in the US/UK etc (most media such as BBC contribute in a good way to do very nice propaganda crap. Example, there was a program about Indian roads. One lady started blabbering that "Indians don't know how to drive" etc. So I wrote to her asking why 3000+ people/year are still dying on the the UK roads considering its developed status? She didn't reply).

Originally Posted by *JR* View Post
I still think ppl like Ashi (or you) would make good members of the Lok Sabha, especially if (her) panning the idea ITT means she'd go there not giving a FF if she was re-elected or not. (Yes, the US Congress could use ppl who would rather lose than whore out, too). Anyhow, here's a Reuters article from yesterday that sheds some interesting light on things.
Diving into Politics is another topic to dwell on w.r.t this thread's scope.

However, I can clearly state (even with my limited experience since 2007) that one doesn't have to become a Politician to care about others. Trust me it's not a pre-requisite if one is *committed* enough, armed with small ideas and willing to share his/her little time and money. Or just team up with like-minded pals/contacts to do something. I do it every year in small numbers, this is for entire 2012 year:

a) took care of 23 old couples at two places (thrown out by children)
b) 30 farmers to come of their debt and start again (after 'Sandy' passed, few South Indian states battered by a cyclone - but most morons in the national TV channels were busy covering the US/Obama's Election. I never saw such a stupidity**)
c) helped a class (58 girls/boys) to pay for their fee/books/food at a children school/hostel
d) 15 kids got operated (born with heart disease).

And a few more. I already planned to do a little more in 2013...

If people pool up and contribute, many problems on this planet could be significantly brought down. So you see I don't believe in these TV channels sensational debates, blame games, International prejudice etc. I believe in "Just Do It" tag very much.

**Many channels were like that until a few days ago. But some like-minded people like me wrote to them about the people who are dying like pests due to severe winter. So few channels started covering about them. Otherwise? Same nonsense. They are obsessed with this rape, most national channels, covering almost 24x7 since 4 weeks as if no other huge problems exist in India.

Off topic: Does anyone know how many people/day are dying out of hunger? The Supreme Court of India directed the elected morons to open up the Food Corporation of India go downs so that poor people could be fed instead of getting rotten or going to rodents. Why are they doing? NOTHING. This is one of the reasons why whopping 1.6 million children dead in 2011 (big chunk out of them are due to malnutrition). Who's responsible for this number?

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