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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by Dana1982 View Post
I know my response would bother many people here, but - do you realize that for the last 11 years they are firing missiles at Israeli homes, not only with people's belonging in them, but with PEOPLE in them?????

Again, I don't agree with the PM's actions, but how can anyone ignore the other side??? How can you only see ONE point of view and completely disgregard the other???
You response did not bother me at all.

I just don't agree with it.

This an asymmetric conflict.
One side has the most powerful army in the region, with state of the art weapons, including an air force that can pretty much anything.
The other side, well is pretty much a civilian force, under occupation, where movement of people is controlled by occupier.
As occupier, Israel has certain obligations toward the Palestinians in occupied territories under Under resolution

Because of the above, I think you realize Israel is increasingly depleting the moral superiority it once enjoyed.
A glaring example was the last vote at the UN when the PA submitted the statehood resolution to the UN general assembly.
In the Americas, only USA and Canada opposed the resolution. I believe there was only one country in Europe that oppose the resolution
The western Europeans countries, traditionally supporter of Israel, France, Italy, Germany,Spain Great Britain all abstained.
The rest of the nation that oppose the resolution were pacific island nations. A total of 9 nations voted against the resolutions, over 100 voted for it.

Poster NAT made the point that this situation is unsustainable, time is not on Israel side. And I agree with him.

I do agree with you that there are also Israeli victims, but the asymmetry, illustrated by the optic of an overwhelming force with fighter jets, helicopters, ground force troop army in full war formation, and the physical devastation on the ground caused by bombing does not work in Israel favor.

The roles in David vs Goliath have been reversed., where Israel has switched from David to Goliath, and Palestinian have become David.
In fact, in perverted , unintended consequences way, Israel's military success is somewhat putting it at a disadvantage in the eyes of international opinion.

Israel is seen as a neighborhood bully. And this is causing an international public relation nightmare.
This does not mean people have suddenly embraced Hamas, the terrorist organization.
What is teams if they feel someone should protect the innocent Palestinian children and women and they see on TV dead in rubble of their house or being carried in the streets. These are powerful images.

That is it for me. Thanks for the exchange.
Back to the topic before we derail this thread any further.

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