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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by NAT View Post
You are right, the idea of this thread should be politics and sports, and I also don't want to make it a Palestine/Israel thread. However... the Palestinian terrorists who fire at civillians are despicable, but if you really believe the Israeli military avoids Palestinian civilian casualties then you are naive. There is a reason that in every skirmish the civilian death toll ration Palestinian to Israeli is at LEAST 10 to one, often much higher. The mistake that the Israeli government makes (along with Hamas, and many other world governments) is acting as though the lives of their citizens and military are worth more than the lives of the other side. A life is a life. If a terrorist fires from a school, hospital etc., it is NOT justified to blow the building up, knowing ther will be civillian deaths, and then blame the terrorists. You put your military on the ground, look the terrorist in the eye, and kill him. Of course the military will face higher casualties, and governments do no have the political guts to do this.
If Israel really wants the higher ground they should immediately stop illegal settlements and grant autonomy to the West Bank. Put the pressure on Hamas. If they see that the West Bank gains autonomy through being peaceful, they will have to adjust, or suffer the consequences.
Back to politics and sport. If Israel fails to dot hese things, perhaps it is time to boycott Israeli athletes (among other things). Many innocent South Africans did suffer under the same circumstances, but the inernational pressure did play a key in the fall of Apartheid. After so many other failed attempts, maybe this is another approach.
Two main issues I have to pay attention to:

1. I'm not naive. Of course there are casualties. What war doesn't? Look at Iraq and Afganistan. But the IDF (Israeli amry) is not FIRING AT children, but at the terrorists locations. They are hiding in schools, hospitals and 5-yr-old-girls'-room! They use the kids as a shield!
By the way - CNN didn't bother talking about this (as they're pro-palestenians and avoid Israeli side) but in the last war, the Israeli air forces dropped papers on Gaza, warning the citizens to hide as there are attacks coming on terrorists' centers. When the palestinians fired a missile at my friend's house in Rishon Lezion, they didn't give any warning. They wanted to kill. And they were aiming for children. Anyone who doesn't see it IS naive.

2. If the Israeli government wouldn't think Israeli citizens' lives are the most important, we would be in a big problem, just like those people in Gaza, as Hamas doesn't think the population in Gaza matters. They don't know how many die - the opposite. They wish for many causalties so they can say "look at those devil israelis". Need I remind of the fake movie a few years ago where a girl was crying at her parents bodies in the beach after Israeli's attack? It was proven fake. They are doing a great job making Israel look like the devil. You all buy it. But it's far from the truth. People who see only CNN and Al Jazira are only exposed to one side of the story.

And again - I am not a fan on Netnyahu. I didn't vote for him last time, and I will not vote for him this time. I do believe piece can be achieved, and I do believe they have the right to their own country. But as long as they choose to fire missiles, bomb buses and kill babies in their sleep (2 events in the last few months) - it can not happen. Just don't go on saying Israel is bad and holds all the blame. There are two sides to every story. Learn both sides before you judge like that.

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