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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by Dana1982 View Post
As I said, there are things our PM does I don't agree with, and the latest building approvals included.

By the way, for all I know, it isn't about taking down their homes to build new ones for Israelis, but building on lands that are "on dispute" but I might be wrong there, I have to be honest in that regard.
Yes, they do bulldoze the houses, sometime with owner belongings still in them and the family do not want to heed the eviction notice and remove their belongings.
We have seen many reports of on these incidents

Originally Posted by Dana1982 View Post
It does bother me that out of all the things I wrote and said, you're back to their houses. The decisions Netanyahu made regarding building plans in these areas came after the war last month. If anyone feels it's ok for Israeli kids to live in fear and grow up with the sounds of alarms and missiles falling, I ask that they will move there for just one week. I lived like that for one week only (when they fired towards Tel Aviv) and I wish that for nobody, including the palestinans themself.

What I meant about having all the facts, is that it's not fair to take a side and completely ignore the other and take that side's word as the only one that matters. Palestinians are no saints. While they fire TOWARDS kids, Israelis try to AVOID firing at theirs. I'm sad to see the world believes one-sided stories, and people go on tennis forums and spread that word.
I was responding to another post, and wanted to be honest about this.

For what it is worth, for the topic at hand, I do think if a federation accept to be part of ITF and is awarded the right to organize a tournament, they must allow all athletes from member federation countries to participate, i.e. they must give them entry visa
This, provided the athlete has made reasonable and good faith effort to provide documents required by the host country to obtain a visa.

Under extraordinary circumstances, the country may have the right to deny a visa.
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