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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by mykarma View Post
That's still saying that the Tennis Federation would have control over a government agency and that's not going to happen not here or anywhere else.
NO, the USTA or USOC do not have control over our government, but when they negotiate contract with ITF or IOC and agree with the term of the contract, they have tacitly agreed that the terms are enforceable within their country, the USA.

I would think one of the terms of contract would be to allow all athletes from all countries member of ITF or IOC to participate.

Case and point was South Africa under apartheid.
Except for rugby( someone can confirm this), I believe all South Africa federations were banned from most international sporting events, because their respective federations could not abide by non-discrimination clause of non-whites.
So the international federations are not directly dealing the country's governments, but with their federations.

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