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Re: Venezuela denies visa for 16.5 Israeli Valeria Patiuk to play junior G1 tournamen

Originally Posted by Dana1982 View Post
I'm an Israeli, I'm not voting for Netanyahu in the upcoming elections and there are many things he does that I don't agree with. But I am having a hard time seeing posts such as this one (and mostly the awfule post with the banner comparing us to the nazis, as my grandmother is a hollacost survivor).

You may also say that not all palestenians agree with the way of terror, but there are not enough of them outraged at what their government (Hamas) does in their name.

Specifics? Bombing towards houses and schools in Israel for over 11 years now, and firing these missiles from hospitals and schools in Gaza (so that when Israel bombs their pile of missiles, it will also kill some kids along the way, and they can say "look how awfule israelis are, killing children". Cuz of course ignorant people wouldn't stop and realize the blame is on the idiots who fire missiles from a building with 90 kids in it.

This thread was meant to raise a completely different issue - the mix between politics and sports, which is simply unfair and unjustified. I did not intend to post this here, but if people turn this in to a thread against Israel, they should at least be more accurate, know their facts and remember that Israel is protecting itself, same as many other countries in the world (including the USA!!) are doing.
I appreciate your response, but I still don't know what you are taking issue with in the facts of my post.
The bulldozing of Palestinian houses or the Israelis who disagree with but not doing anything about it?

Or are you suggesting bulldozing houses and evicting Palestinians owners from them, is protecting Israeli children?

You are saying I don't know all the facts, what else is missing about bulldozing Palestinian houses, evicting the owners from the land or farm?
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