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Re: Why Do Players Say "I Have Nothing To Lose"?

It's one of the stock phrases/cliches/idiosyncrasies players have used for decades*. Do you expect players to keep coming up with insightful and meaningful answers when the journalists are asking unoriginal and recycled questions 250 days a year. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

It's not that hard to understand at all - why make such a fuss over it?

*Although when Bud Collins was more active he used to regularly interview Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean etc. after big matches and asked them very specific questions about the match and the performances which unsurprisingly got very specific, often quite technical and detailed answers. However, this was after the match. Again, there's a limit to what you can say about a match before it actually happens.

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(1)A lot is being made of the record Serena has vs Sharapova. It is being used as THE reason she will win again lol. Good thing we have players like Tomas Berdych (who had an even worse record vs Nadal) to remind us of the fallacy of this nonsense logic.
(2)You stans may as well sleep well tonight because tomorrow the a replay of Lucie's winning moment over and over again will haunt your dreams for weeks to come
(3)The stars have aligned perfectly for the upset of the 21st century. All the best Garbine
(4) There is no path to victory for Williams.Keys wins in straight easy sets.
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