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Re: Ohio Rape: High School Students Joke About Rape In Leaked Video !

Originally Posted by Start da Game View Post
exactly......with all the attention the latest incident in india is getting, people like tennisbum and jr want people to believe that the situation serves as a proof of intolerance in india and how far the country still needs to is as if they are alien to rapes in their own country......

what makes me say all this is that they are in no position to say that when far more worse assaults are happening on all sexes in their own country.......

blindly making blanket statements like "women should be able to freak out all alone in the night" is not correct.......that may suit the women in the west as they maybe single for most parts of their lives and feel the need to do whatever they want being alone......that's when i talked about the differences of cultures......

tennisbum and jr turned a blind eye to it and kept pointing at the incident and the outrage in india......jr went as far as taking one or two disastrous incidents, generalized them and asked me if that's what i meant by culture......

their posts reflect nothing but mean agenda......
Uh, tennisbum and I "turned a blind eye to" nothing in either case, which (as regards the one in India) seemed to drive you nuts. Neither of us would ignore the contributing "cultural factors".... with more detail from me, ala sex selection abortion, and sometimes its "post-birth cousin", female infanticide.

Sure the PC thing is to only call rape a crime of violence and power, but it IS also about sexual gratification; so the "young female shortage" the above have created in large parts of India contribute to the rape stats. Those who refuse 2B silent about these "all too common" things are better friends of potential rape victims there than UR.

tennisbum and I have clear "post trails" here of bashing those elements of American culture that lead to things like school shootings and a host of other social ills. As debopero correctly noted, this should not be turned into a US vs. India thread. Many countries have serious ills, that others can criticize without being "haters".

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