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Re: India gang rape outrage... what happens now?

Originally Posted by Sam L View Post
What we should really be talking about is the social and economic conditions that led to this rape and other rapes. I think Ashi(?) mentioned that these men were from the slums and had little going for them. They were unlikely to get wives or regular jobs. These are the issues we should be talking about rather than something like "the culture that produces this violence..." Because there is nothing wrong with Indian culture. There is something wrong with Indian society right now due to the social and economic conditions that are in the country right now. So instead of talking about this, if westerners are saying that somehow it's Indian culture that's allowed this to happen then it's pretty insulting.

But of course, people don't want to talk about root causes, it's all about sensationalist politics when something like this happens and then it's forgotten.

I also find it insulting that this is compared to something like gun shootings in US. Because this is a result of deep social and economic problems not a result of 50% of the citizens deciding "Hey I want to have a gun". It's not easily solved.

Look, this is not exclusive to people coming from the slums.
There have been cases of politicians and law enforcement officials, who are supposed to protect women against crime of rape, who have themselves committed rape and gotten away with it; some of the victims were under age girls.

So I object trying to blaming this on the slum.

The bottom line is, the crime of rape needs to be taken seriously, by government officials, law enforcement, the judicial system.
The demonstrators are demanding that.

Although some in this thread have dismissed the demonstration as en exercise in emotional masturbation, they have already accomplished a lot by awakening ordinary Indians to the horror of this crime and sent stern warning to politicians an law enforcement that Indian people can no longer tolerate the status quo.

This is an organic ,spontaneous movement of young men and women. Hope they keep the presume on.

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