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Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
For those interested or who would just like to know: Nadia Petrova and Carlos Sanchez No Longer Have a Working Relationship.

During this interview (which was originally posted by Spiceboy, with Spanish translation by PureRacket), Sanchez talks about a lot of players and things.

What did he say concerning Petra? Well here's the question and answer, below:

Now, I'm not judging what he said; just extrapolating that portion of the article for Petra fans here.

Here's both the original and Google translated link, below.

Can one of our Spanish posters--like BruceGoose or Steni, please make sure that Google translation is 100 percent accurate (and the middle of the paragraph/translation is quite garbled)?

My smokin' hot Costa Rican gf might wanna check my grammar,but part of the translation,indeed,sucks.Sanchez said that he DIDN'T see anyone who would make a big leap to enter the top 10 in this coming year.'Because' isn't really what he meant;it was more like "'BUT' I expected(or maybe "I had already expected") much more from her this past season."

....A better English translation would be that she was 'up and down' with her performances,instead of literally calling her a seesaw.It reads that she hits well from the right side but not from the left.Obviously,'she'--and not 'you'--has problems with high balls,and 'when you let her play her game'(or style of play),she has great potential'.The word 'locos' means "crazy",but one usually doesn't say 'crazy potential' so,in that context,it means 'great'...much,much better than most.

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