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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Caro isn't as bad as either of those two,IMO,but it's at least possible that she choked on that MP vs. Li at the AO--and maybe in some other big matches--by pressing too much to disprove the naysayers.We'll never know for sure,obviously,but I'm confident that that's the case with Dallas QB Tony Romo who has SUPERB overall stats for the high-pressure month of December in his career and yet,in the ultimate win-or-go-home games,he has a sorry 1-6 W/L record and just finds a way to make some critical mistake.In the end,Caro's level of love for tennis will have a say on how she copes and what she decides to do
I think that every athlete chokes sometimes, and those that say they don't are probably lying. And in tennis it happens even more frequently than in teamsports, even though I suppose a quarterback is as close as it gets to one individual being personally responsible for the result of an entire team. But no, I don't think the choking was as bad with our Wozzy as it was with some others when they got the chance to do something significant. Caroline wasn't frozen or like a deer in headlights but competed to the best of her ability in that Li match or her USO and YEC finals against Clijsters. Maybe her arm got a little bit heavy at some key points, but she's human and thus it's normal and it's definitely something that can be overcome. Clijsters herself had much worse problems in her slam finals against Henin, and just look how great she ended up doing in the end.

But first Caroline has to put herself into the position again where she'll actually be in the mix at the business end of big tournaments. That alone is already a mountain to climb for her. I think she'll really give it all she's got though. That interview from the other day where she said that she wants to win the AO and get back to number one soon sounds borderline funny considering the state that her tennis is in, but it also proves that the fire is still burning and that she won't go anywhere without at least putting up one hell of a fight.

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