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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
She missed the boat when the likes of Azarenka, Kvitova and Radwanska made their move. If she starts swimming now like Missy Franklin she might catch up and still get on the boat, but if she doesn't that boat will disappear into the distance and she'll end up drowning in a sea of scrubs and non-entities as she slips ever further down the rankings.
Cut off the rest of your post b/c I enjoyed the metaphorical language above.Let me be clear that such pressure CAN have an impact,but it speaks very poorly of the player if she's totally overcome by it,and I don't want that to be Caro's legacy.

Ivanovic is one of those weaklings and her actions--refusing to hire a sports shrink;having her EX-bf's 'golf fitness' coach lead her training--show that she has basically quit on her career and is content to float around the Top 20...just barely good enough to still get endorsement offers,photo shoots,and live off her lucrative Adidas personal services contract(which requires her to be an active player).....w/o dealing with any of the pressure that goes with being an elite player

Then there's my sweet Dinarik who let the naysaying eat her alive on court: She resorting to pushing and abandoned her aggressive style whenever she had a really big match because she was so afraid of making mistakes,and sometimes even THAT outlet wasn't enough,as we saw in that pathetic effort in the 2009 RG final where she was almost frozen in terror in the tunnel before walking out on court.Eventually,she neglected her health and destroyed her back cuz she was so paranoid about being the 'unworthy #1' and kept playing when she should've recuperated

Caro isn't as bad as either of those two,IMO,but it's at least possible that she choked on that MP vs. Li at the AO--and maybe in some other big matches--by pressing too much to disprove the naysayers.We'll never know for sure,obviously,but I'm confident that that's the case with Dallas QB Tony Romo who has SUPERB overall stats for the high-pressure month of December in his career and yet,in the ultimate win-or-go-home games,he has a sorry 1-6 W/L record and just finds a way to make some critical mistake.In the end,Caro's level of love for tennis will have a say on how she copes and what she decides to do

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