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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Kim didn't collapse at the chat about her being a slamless #1 back when she first ascended to #1 for a few weeks many years ago...nor did Big Masha collapse when folks suggested that her best days were over after the shoulder injury.Sports media will ALWAYS feel compelled to blab about SOMEthing cuz they have an inferiority complex when comparing themselves to REAL journalists who write about wars or expose some important government scandal;therefore,they pretentiously prattle over anything that will get themselves attention and fool people into thinking that they're great expositors like news reporters of renown.

Though I adore our sweet Caro,if she's gonna mentally collapse just because of skepticism from hopelessly horny Serb-worshipping douchebags like Cronin,then she doesn't deserve to be ranked with the champions of the sport.It might be different if Caro were being heckled everywhere she walked with racial insults...or being stalked by some obsessed maniac but,as far as we know,that was never the case.By all appearances,Caro has a pretty decent life where she's loved by family,friends and lots of fans,too....If you're gonna blame the no-slam bashers for her ranking decline...if that sad premise is actually true...then maybe it's time for Caro to retire and formulate marital and maternal plans with Rory.........I'm only speaking hypothetically here b/c I'd like to think that Caro wasn't THAT weak
I don't think that we can point the finger at any one thing and say THIS is the sole reason for Caro's (hopefully just temporary) decline. Many things are probably contributing factors. I don't think that the criticism itself has made Caroline play any worse, but since their comments were supported by specialists and former players she might have taken them more seriously. And that may have motivated her to try working with different coaches, which didn't get her the results she had hoped for. At least not in the short term. Long term we don't know, because there wasn't any.

So, no. I don't think it's the criticism from the likes of Cronin or Bodo, or even Navratilova or (to a lesser degree) Hingis by itself. But all things are connected and play of each other. The relationship with Rory also may have had a negative impact, although he definitely doesn't seem to suffer career wise from the relationship. Injuries could also play a part. And of course the improvements from her contemporaries plus the sensational comebacks from Serena and Sharapova mean that for Caro even the status quo would mean going backwards. Most importantly is her lack of confidence which she is clearly struggling with. The Caro of old didn't lose anywhere near as many close matches as the version from the last eighteen months or so. If she was still as confident as she was in the past and had won just half of those close matches that she now ended up losing that in itself would already have made for a much better 2012.

The situation is not hopeless, but it's serious. She missed the boat when the likes of Azarenka, Kvitova and Radwanska made their move. If she starts swimming now like Missy Franklin she might catch up and still get on the boat, but if she doesn't that boat will disappear into the distance and she'll end up drowning in a sea of scrubs and non-entities as she slips ever further down the rankings.

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