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Originally Posted by Rollo
Louloubelle hit it right on the head. Women just can't generate the spin needed for a good second serve. The biggest advantage Serena Williams has is she DOES have spin on the second ball.
Margaret was (and is) a natural left-hander who was taught to play tennis right-handed. I think this had alot to do with her service delivery- she had a flat, hard bomb first serve, and the second serve was basically a carbon copy of the first with less pace- which often leads to double faults, as any tennis player realizes.

I think fitness is the key for women's second serves. Serena is extremely fit and buff around the shoulders and trunk, and she can hit tremendous spin on the second serve because of this. I think the girls realize that a well-spun second serve actually requires greater racquet head speed than the hard flat bomb, but only a few are strong enough to accomplish this.

Can you imagine Margaret's game if she had learned to play left-handed?
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