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Re: Petra lost to Nastya in Brisbane

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
I'm trying to be polite and not sound mean Shifty. But I have to ask; since you mentioned Petra's head: How to you blow numerous BP opportunities, plus blow you own serve (when you know you can take it into a 3rd set), with a player that has known serving, DF and crumbling issues.

I mean, just the quality alone of many of Petra's ROS winners should have made her win the match. Pav's didn't come close to the consistent and spectacular quality of Petra's blistering ROS during the match, and Petra still lost! How do you explain that?
that's easy, she just another headcase. it's funny how almost all my faves are:

Petra displayed improvement in her demeanor on court but she's still mental case, flopping hard by making few silly UEs then DFing because of that or hitting UEs after being frustrated from few bad calls by linesman's and just overall having wrong game plan. 2\3 of her UEs were simple shots that went long because she just tried to overpower Pavs, tho she has great anticipation and variety but she just stuck in angry brainless ball basher mode.

On the other hand Pavs came to match prepared and showed her game from the start, also not getting frustrated by linesman's call or when hitting UEs, stepping up when she had BP opportunity, recognizing when to change the pace, etc. basically she just was the better player in this match, also i believe if Pavs didn't surprised Petra like she did from the start this could be totally another game but Petra had her chances numerous times in the end she just blew them. anyone can beat Petra if they just more mentally strong that her and this is depressing.
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