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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Fantasy Hero View Post
I haven't seen the match so i can't really comment, but from what I am reading she's been over powered by Ksenia, which is honestly a very worrying sign...
I was watching some highlights of her win in Las Vegas many years ago already and the comments on her tennis (as she was unseeded there so kind of a surprise) were: "how amazing is to see a girl with great physical shape, good movements and such a big power". She was hitting very strong with BH and the FH was good, sometimes flat and most of the time top spin, but very deep. She hit even a couple of FH inside-out winners there...I wonder where that all has gone? surely one can't forget how to play, can one?
I still believe that the racket change was a terrible decision...
Caro used to be a lot more aggressive very early on in her career but I guess she changed from that to get a more immediate boost in results. As her defensive game style became her pattern it probably became pretty ingrained and offenseive skills likely were very neglected.

I disliked the racquet change from Babolat to Yonex after the 2010 season as I thought it made little sense to switch racquets after playing the best tennis of your career to date. The racquet change didn't seem to be much of an issue, at least early on, (after switching back to Babolat strings after Sydney) and the strong results/play continued on from the previous year. I think that Caro's shots sit up more and don't have as much pace as they did when she used a Babolat racquet.

I think it would a good idea for Caro to evaluate different racquets and strings to find what's the best combination for her now. I had hoped that would happen in this offseason but that didn't seem to happen.

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