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Re: Brisbane R1 - [Q] Xeniya Pervak def [8] Karolina Wozniacki 2-6 6-3 7-6

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
Hey Chrissie Fan.

What's your opinion on Caro (sorry I haven't read anything from you recently or looked into your subforum)?

Is it her; Rory; her father; her game; all of the above, etc.?

Whadda you think/what's your opinion?
Hard to say. A combination of all or some of those things and perhaps a few others as well I guess.

Rory? Could be, but we don't know that for a fact. We do know for a fact though that she started to struggle as soon as he got into her life. But she's clearly in love with the guy (and he with her), so for that reason alone I don't agree with those who argue that she should just break up with him. Sounds corny, I know, but I don't begrudge two people the love they feel for each other. Besides, I doubt that a brokenhearted Caroline would play any better than a Caro in love.

The coaching situation? I think that Caroline feels indebted to Piotr for bringing her this far. She probably feels that it would be an act of betrayal on her part to give him the boot. It's always complicated when there's family involved, especially family as close as a father, and even more especially when the're as close as those two. She'd probably be better off with another coach at this point, but she has never stuck with one long enough to find out if it would make a difference in the long run. Of one thing I'm convinced though - the worst thing she can do (and did do in 2012) is changing coaches every couple of months with everyone whispering (in Piotr's case yelling ) different things in her ears. That can, and has only confused her.

Her game? Obviously. Not only isn't she successful in terms of making more winners or improving her serve and forehand, but she doesn't even play error free tennis anymore like she did when she was at her best. The traditional "she beat herself" excuse that fans of other players always came up with when their girl lost a match to Caro sounds lamer than ever because these days Caro is perfectly capable of "beating herself" herself. In short, she hasn't improved her offensive game - or not enough anyway to compensate for all those errors she's making now.

Lack of confidence? Definitely. In the past when a match was as close as this one I had a big smile on my face because I knew that nine times out of ten she would win it. If you couldn't hit Caroline off the court you would lose because she was mentally the stronger. But in the last eighteen months or so she has lost a truckload of close matches that the 2010-early 2011 version of Caro probably would have won. In fact, it's become common for her to win a first set (and sometimes quite convincingly) only to end up struggling from the start of the second set onwards.

And perhaps the media, bloggers, comments from specialists like Navratilova and Hingis and so on also played their part. Could be that they were part of the reason that she stopped believing and ultimately why she started experimenting with different coaches. But she didn't see it through because she panicked when she didn't get the short term results she had hoped for.

In other words, despite the lenght of this post I have no idea, but it's probably a bit of eveything really.

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