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Re: Brisbane R1 - [Q] Xeniya Pervak def [8] Karolina Wozniacki 2-6 6-3 7-6

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
It appears you totally missed the point of what UncleSilas was saying.

You're focusing on ranking. And for the record (since you brought it up), Petra was in the top 4-5 for most of the year, until after the US Open, when ailments got to her and she really took her slid.

More importantly, UncleSilas was focusing on ability to win a big match due to weapons and talent. And in that respect Caro and Petra are not even in the same ball park or discussion.

One match here or there, and some one can make the argument Petra could have won the Australian, Wimbledon or The French Open last year (she made the semi's of two and the quarters of one), Caro was never in that position in any of those tournaments. And (unlike Petra) very few people would give her a chance of winning, if she even got there. Why? Because she has no weapons and always has to be sharp (or in Marathon mode) to win. Big difference!

So the ranking means nothing, as it's never meant with Caro, in ones ability to compete for or win majors (though Of course in Petra's case, it can be a barometer of her overall sharpness, consistency and health for the year). Apples and Oranges.

Nothing else needs to be said on this.
Wimbledon/RG? That's a stretch...she was never close to winning either of those matches she lost. Masha schooled her badly and Serena beat her pretty comfortable too.

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