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Re: Brisbane R1 - [Q] Xeniya Pervak def [8] Karolina Wozniacki 2-6 6-3 7-6

Piotr's rant in English, part 1, I'll edit this post with part 2 in a couple of hours.

His Polish is far from perfect, very colloquial with occasional strange grammar and collocation, and lots of coherence issues as well, the occasional incoherence comes from him and not from my translation.

You are playing and you haven't got any plan, and you know what's worse, you are sort of playing and if you looked from outside yeah you are playing, balls are hit but in reality you are not playing at all, the fact is that she is playing, and you know how she is playing? She's leaning into balls, with her backhand she keeps you hitting crosscourt, obviously there's no sense in getting into a struggle with you and what are you doing? You play mid court, mid court, mid court, mid court, she's stepping in... Point won. She's just waiting when... She steps in every time you play a short ball. You're moving her around, you get a mid court call, you're getting into position and what not. What have I told you? You're not making yourself tall enough while serving. This is how you serve [starts gesturing a lot]. You should serve this way, with a snap of your wrist, forward... and a snap. [literally:] The shoe is going into the direction of a serving hand. And what are you doing? You are throwing everything and slicing and she [grabs a racquet]. She plays like this, and like this. She can't play here. And here. Do you understand? She can't. And you are playing everything here [that is into Pervak's comfort zone] [puts the racquet away]. Why are you playing (like that)? Because you are playing mid court, she's playing mid court, you are staying two meters [behind the base line?] - it's impossible to play a high ball. How can you play a high ball that much [shows margin] over the net, a deep ball with a lot of spin? It's impossible. Because you are standing too far away. You are standing too far away and you do not start playing with a margin, you are playing into her hands, she's just stepping in, changing - because your ball is too short. Don't you see it? Please, tell me, Karo, do you see it or do you not see it?

[gets up] Please tell me how you, as a player, can't play a backhand. Notice that she's playing where she wants. She's playing into your forehand all the time. And what are you doing? Nothing. So let her play like that. You see she's playing like that. But when your escaping further and further away and you're playing balls at ankle height how can you lift your ball higher? It's not possible. So you give her a flat mid court shot and she whenever she sees that she can step in she's stepping in and winning a point. This is how she's winning. Other reasons for her winning? You're serving like a clown into the same spot time and time again. And you serving is worse and worse. You're wielding your hand, racquet in this way instead of doing it that [gestures] way. Do you understand? You're not following the ball. You are not stepping into the court. You do not want to move her around. Down the line you are playing like this. This how you are playing down the line. This runt, of that height [gestures], can cover the distance from over there because you're not hitting [the ball?].
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