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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by jasminefu623 View Post
don't even know what to say, able to watch the tie break, from what i saw at the tie break, same old caro, same old story, nothing change.

the entire off season was wasted, she didn't improve her serve, she didn't improve her forehand, she didn't try to cut down her UEs.

caro can play some good point from time to time in a match, but that's not enough, she is not gonna win a SINGLE match if she keep on play like this.

i know i shouldn't say this, but what is the point of pulling the match to a tie break but you can only win a point in tie break when facing someone outside the top 100?

credit to pervak, she play some great tennis, but as a top 10 player, caro should be able to handle players like her. pervak kinda remind me of goerges, their hitting motion are similar, if caro hit the ball earlier, she can avoid pervak bossing her around.

don't know what else i can say, this is the last day of 2012, hopefully caro can do better starting from tomorrow.
I find the randomness of Caro's play kind of baffling. Is it a focus thing? A confidence thing? Or what?

I don't think Goerges and Pervak are at all alike. Goerges is an agggressive player with big weapons in her 1st serve and forehand. Pervak is more a defender with modest/limited power.

It's one thing if Caro is getting bossed around by players like Goerges or Kvitova but another if it's by a relative lightweight like Pervak. It shouldn't be happening and it's a bad sign.

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