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Re: 2013 New Beginnings: Hop on the Hopman Cup Express

It's fake guys, it was fake in September when it was posted on that digital spy website in a different form as well. I mean come on Veelievers, like Venus could have a coaching change and it wouldn't be HUGE, INTERNATIONAL NEWS? Stefanki is more likely to coach Tsonga this year than Venus, Venus would NEVER publicly disparage her dad in ANY way and as we all know if there is one thing the Sjogrens doesn't affect it's Venus' stubbornness.

I know you all wanted to believe it, but the article is complete and utter Bullshit! There is absolutely NO corroboration of this anywhere on the internet, sans that website and the guy that posted that same thing in GM today. Don't you think if it was on Tennisreporters that Cronin would have plugged it on his Twitter? Which he hasn't. Also Niel Harman is still in England and hasn't mentioned interviewing Venus on his Twitter either. One would think Venus giving a one on one interview and especially announcing that she was working with a different coach (a legitimate bombshell) would be on more than some dinky little celebrity website?

I'll give the fake a lot of credit, they made it at least somewhat believable, but considering that the Stefanki rumor started in September and has gone nowhere since then and gotten NO mainstream traction, I think it's fair to consider it false. Sorry guys, but Witt ain't going nowhere.

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