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Re: It's dead obvious Azarenka is going to flop this season

Originally Posted by Break My Rapture View Post
Kim was doing x-treme splits at will throughout their semi, hampered by her ankle my ass.
Originally Posted by borrowedheaven View Post
I love Vika and I think she fully deserved her win (injuries are part of the game), but Kim was way slower after her ankle roll.
what borrowedheaven said. Come on, you've watched enough tennis to know that Kim's movement was completely rubish and she wasn't getting to shots she would've normally gotten.

Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Yeah, Vika's slam win this year is such a sham, going through an injured Clijsters and error-fest Sharapova; she's lucky she didn't have to go through a real player like Errani.

idk why people keep bringing Errani into this discussion. As much as I hate her, she was an outstanding player during the clay season and didn't fold during the entire FO tournament. She played like a top 10 player. People actually underrate the FO final because it had "only Errani" in it but she definitely made Maria work for the win (and they both came out with positive winners-ue ratio), unlike Maria in the AO final who gifted the match to Vika

Originally Posted by bandabou View Post
How so? Masha, the GOAT of GOATS ( with her 3 majors at the time...yet she was already discussed like she was some Juju or Vee.. ) was there in the final to stop her. What happened?
Mental collapse. Bad match up. No longer the player she was when she won those 3 slams (in much steeper competition too).

Originally Posted by In The Zone View Post
Unfortunately, in the late 90s and early 2000s, there weren't any slams to be had. So many great players but only so many slams can be won. Now, anyone can win slams and now they will be compared. This is part of the reason why I still hold Davenport ahead of Maria.
actually, unlike most Maria stans, I think there is very little separating Maria and Lindsay only because of the amount of tournaments Lindsay won. It's the one reason why I wish Maria would play more tier 2 and weaker tournaments (4 vs 3 slams, 10 vs 11 tier 1s, 1 vs 1 yecs).

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