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Re: Martina Navratilova Admiration Thread

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
Petronius they always call all the European countries which fell under communism Eastern Europe but I consider Austria which was free, now Chech Republik and Hungary Middle European countries is that a mistake of me or am I right.
Where they not connected at sometime and very prosperous before communism. You have maybe the best composer in Antonin Dvorak.
Central Europe or Middle Europe would be the best term I think.

It's true that before communism the Czech lands were quite developed and prosperous, containing about 75% of the industrial capacity of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy (which was ruled from Vienna). The Škoda works were one of the biggest engineering firms in Europe (Hitler was very happy when he got it after the infamous Munich agreement in 1938) and according to wikipedia, two of the world's five oldest automakers are Czech (Škoda and Tatra), which may be a shocker to some people who lump all ex-communist countries together.

Like in your country, the Netherlands, there were huge economic, cultural and personal ties to Germany and also Austria so for example people like Ferdinand Porsche (automaker), Daniel Swarowski (jeweller), Franz Kafka (writer) or Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst) all come from today's Czech Republic. Until 1945, more than 3 million Germans lived here.

After the fall of communism, the natural economic and other ties with Western Europe and especially German-speaking countries were restored and some journalists now even refer to the Czech Republic's economy as the 17th German state BTW, isn't Holland called the same sometimes?

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
You have maybe the best composer in Antonin Dvorak.
He's great, but I don't rate him the best. I think Mozart, Mendelssohn or Schubert were even more talented, but they died quite early before creating even more masterpieces. But his New World Symphony is amazing and it even came on top in a recent radio poll conducted in Australia, beating all Beethoven symphonies (

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
Sorry Petronius for the mistakes, as a dutch person I had to rely on the translation unfortunately I do not speak the Czech language. I thought already it were a lot of people.
Something I noticed in translations from google in eastern European languages that they make males out of females and vice versa very disturbing.
Google translator is quite helpful, but it still struggles with lots of expressions and language nuances.

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
By the way Martina defended her country of birth very well against an ultra rightwinger on twitter.
Nice to hear, Martina is tough

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
who said she came from a third world country.
Tell that to Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Johannnes Kepler, who all lived and worked in Prague for many months or even years

Originally Posted by Wimbledon9 View Post
I think you totally overlook the second career of Martina remember she retired in 2006 that is only 6 years ago.
This is true, but it would have been much easier to set up an attractive tourist site during Martina's peak years. Martina's case is kind of similar to that of Ferdinand Porsche. Both household names worldwide but persona non grata in their native country (Martina a defector to the West, Porsche a German-speaking capitalist who worked with Hitler).

BTW, Škoda & Volkswagen have just bought the Porsche native house in north Czech Rep. and they will probably build a museum there and promote it in tourist books. So why not promote Martina's site in Řevnice as well, especially if it's so close to Prague?
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