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Here are the videos. There are more coming later.

I didn't have tickets to the main match on the arena but anyone can go to the practice court for free. I literally live a 10 minute drive from the place so it's easy for me to get to. I thought I may as well show up seeing as I didn't have anything on today, so I was there for a couple of hours (also saw Ivanovic). It's kind of weird because it's just in the middle of the city, it's so noisy and there are main roads right around it It was really hot. It was 40 degrees today Even sitting in the stands I was so dehydrated There weren't that many people there watching her play, maybe only 6-7. Someone asked me who she was and I told them, someone else said her name was "Daniela Vekic"

I wouldn't say it was exactly a good practice session for Donna, she was spraying her forehand a lot and seemed quite distressed. Her backhand was great though, she hit some great crosscourt backhands. It's definitely her favourite shot.

I wish I could've had a photo taken with her or something, or an autograph, but I only went there very last minute and was by myself Maybe later in the week, I'm sure I'll see her again

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