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Re: India gang rape victim dies

Two more points I wanted to add:

8) Role of Parents: This is a big problem here in terms of raising the kids. My parents never taught/raised me with a bias over my younger twin sisters. We all were treated with same rights/choices, within the acceptable boundaries for everyone. This isn't the case with many parents in India because most of them are Male biased. This is the sole reason branching out as another problem - enormous Female Foeticide rates (again India isn't alone, but this biased behavior ISN'T acceptable). So Parents must learn and become more mature. Teach and treat both sexes equally.

9) Alcohol and Drugs: This is a global daemon be it in kids, youth or work force. I've solid data in this regard and fight against its influence in my employees who come from rural and semi-urban areas. Today my work force in my companies are Alcohol addiction free. I've seen lives, families and bright futures of children getting destroyed because of this menace. But Govts. doesn't see this problem. Most politicians, officials have become greedy and blind people.

So crack down on them without giving any second thoughts. We don't need an economy based on their sales (many States here earn loads of Excise and other Taxes - big states reap billions of $ per state per year). This should be top in terms of priority.

Forget Govts., even many people (especially from Urban) don't agree on those points. They think/feel NO NO this issue isn't applicable. But if we revisit all the Rape and Assault cases, more than 2/3rd are caused my Men falling victims to Alcohol and/or Drugs.

There must be stringent laws against this menace, impartial and unbiased. Anyone remembers the latest DUI case against Senator Mike Crapo (Idaho)? He was a good Senator but he fell for Alcohol. He was caught with 0.14 or so a few days ago, and got Jan 4th as Court date.

This is what we want here in India. Crack down and speedy justice.

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