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Re: India gang rape victim dies

Originally Posted by Xepher View Post
Rip. India still has a long way to go
This is another ignorance. On the contrary, women are safe in India on *some* parameters. What many people (in India and western folks as well) don't know is many developed countries are not that shining either. Example, let's take the US:

Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence Widespread in the US. Key findings:

=> Nearly 1 in 5 women has been raped at some time in her life.
=> One in 4 women has been a victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime.

Read more:

So what people missing here is *only* applying tough laws (taking the US as case) doesn't help at all. This problem needs multi-level strategy on a short and long term:

1) Education from Govt and NGOs on many levels for either sex
2) Media campaign on safety (minus B$ PR dramas on channels)
3) More child interaction (boys/girls) since school age (co-ed)
4) Teachers take up social education classes on manners/mixing (sexes)
5) Change in attitude - women not be portrayed as sexual objects etc
6) Active role Social institutions in rural area is very important
7) Unbiased and severe Punishment - no leniency for any sex

I don't think leaders in this country understand all those complicated parameters which are crying for a big overhaul. They only indulge in either Vote Bank politics or Sensationalizing/Politicizing the issues. NONE of the parties have the ability to lead this great country.

But one thing is for sure. Capital Punishment is ruled out because The Supreme Court of India ruled ~30% cases filed under IPC 498(a) are fake (I personally know one case of Dr. Ambati from the US. Then US Govt got careful and raised a few advisories against mingling with Indian women! This is another example how some bad people bring bad name to the nation).

So there is every chance for abuse and misuse if they vote for Capital Punishment. Even 10% innocent death rate is NOT acceptable (means 100 out of 1000 executed will be dead for nothing!)

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