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Originally Posted by Rollo
Question for Evert fans or anyone...what was he rlast match like?
I was living in Japan and didn't see it

I've read where Zina cried, many in the corwd cried, and reportedly even a couple of TV announcers cried!
Just to be picky I think the Fed Cup was her last tournie for that year wasn’t it?? It might have been in Japan if I remember correctly. So Rollo you may have been able to see her after all!! US won the Fed Cup – Martina, Chris, Pam etc… Chris beating Martinez and Martina determined to win for Chris played a horrible first set but fought back to beat ASV. Apparently Martina was disappointed that Czech beat Germany 2-1 in the qtrs – therefore not getting a chance to revenge Steffi for her US defeat.

For the US Open match Chris lead 5-2 in the first but Zina really picked up the pace and didn’t miss much. After that run from 2-5 to 7-5, Zina was in control. I remember Zina saying that she hated being in that situation to beat Chris. However in the end Zina didn’t have to do much.

I can’t remember if the winner had a potential match against Martina or Steffi, but maybe Chris was looking beyond the Zina match.

I can remember Zina in tears and whilst walking from the court Chris gave her a hug. It looked like Chris was comforting Zina! not the other way around!

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