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Re: It's dead obvious Azarenka is going to flop this season

Originally Posted by Vincey! View Post
Oh and what's the matter to bring Maria in a "useless" thread about VICTORIA AZARENKA's chance to back up her great 2012 results? I'm failing to understand how Sharapova can affect in away the level of play of Azarenka. Unless you admit that Maria would be playing in Vika's mind? Which even the most die hard Masha fan wouldn't even think about. It's one thing to say that Vika's next year result depends on how good Serena and Maria plays but it's another to openly question another player ability to back up their results as well in that same thread. You wanna discuss about Maria's chance to back up her result? Open a new thread and talk about that there and I'll be pleased to see that thread getting close in less than a day. Stop being so obsessed with her.
And why is asking if Masha can back up her 2012 season any worse than saying Vika is gonna flop in 2013? Masha has the same question marks as Vika. They BOTH are dependant on what Serena decides to do next year, soo...

But. let the games play out and we'll see how it goes.

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