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WASS - All star squares - Debuts in Brisbane '13 | The table is up. anthonyqld wins!



1. Every member of Tennis Forum can take part in WASS. No special requirements.
2. There is a table of 9 squares, with the number from 1-9 on them. Every player has to choose 3 different squares to enter the game. The players must mention the numbers of the squares, not the color. Choose whichever of the squares you want.
3. From the 3 chosen squares, the players must put a * on the square they want. The * doubles the points of the square. Once you choose your squares, you can not edit/change them.
4. The squares are hiding real WTA players. The name of the players will be revealed later, when the tournament starts.
5. According to the rounds and the points the players gain on the real WTA tournament, the players on the WASS will be awarded the same points.
6. As the squares are only 9, the WASS WTA Players will be chosen by random order from the entry list of the tournament. WASS will include at least 2 seeded players in every tournament. The system which the seeded players will be chosen is the following: 2/9 (28 & 32 d.), 4/9 (56 & 64 d.), 6/9 (96 d.) and 8/9 (in Grand Slams). The rest of the squares will be filled with random order (that means some other seeds may be chosen). The manager must inform a mamber of TF about the real players the squares hide. Manager can not take part on the event.
7. One of the squares will always remain empty. The players who choose the empty square will not receive points, even if itís their * square.
8. The game allows entries even the real WTA tournament has started. The entry list will be closed when the QFs begins. The real players behind the squares will be revealed after the QF. During the first days, only 2 of the squares will be opened, after the request of the players, during the Request Hour.
9. The game will be hold in once per week, during the biggest WTA event. In case of 2 or 3 parallel same level events, only one will host the game. There will be ranking points and updates may be in weekly basis. WASS will offer ranking points, starting from 2013.


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