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Re: Malagasy Magic: Zarah Razafimahatratra

Google alerts found two articles overnight, the more significant being an interview

Last two questions as translated by Google translate

Today, the junior is therefore part of the past. After earning your degree, what you are planning to do next in your career?

Yes, indeed, after my Matric, I now consider my future. On the one hand, I plan to continue my studies in the United States. (Note: as Niriantsa Rasolomalala, the number one time it was still evolving in Madagascar). There, there are many tournaments I can participate to continue to develop my game It is not sure yet, but I should get a four-year scholarship. However, I still hesitate a bit because the other side, I'd like to get into a career. But to do this, I need a sponsor to cover the costs, even if my center in South Africa continues to offer me financial assistance.

With such prospects, how do you see yourself in two or three years?

I hope that the success will be with me. If I continue on a good path, I can reach my goal in two years to play a Grand Slam tournament. Among other things, I will take part in the Australian Open in 2014. Competition I've never been involved in junior, unlike Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. However, I will still work on the board. I must win all four qualifying matches for hope integrate the big picture. Reach the first round in the big picture is already an honor. After that, we'll see if I can do better.
The other says Zarah has been acting as hitting partner for the Madagascar junior team
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