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Re: General Aussie Tennis News

Heard a great interview with Paul MacNamee a few weeks ago on the radio. He used much of the time bagging out TA which was good listening. He blames the demise of Australian tennis on the current system on ‘squads’ and AIS etc… and believes if we kept in the system that was in place in pre-80’s in that promoting and fostering tennis clubs around the country we would have greater participation and better success in transitioning players into the tour.

The club system is still successful in Germany, France, Spain who have greater participation and success than Australia these days. Paul believes we are hell-bent on getting players in the ‘system’ as soon as possible which doesn’t promote their individuality and removes them from their own coaching structure that has worked well for them.

The host asked Paul if TA would ever change back to the club system and he said with the current people in place they never would. He also felt that TA had invested so much time and effort into this formula that they would never revert to another way because they had come so far in trying to make the system work. Paul did not hide is current bitterness with TA.

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