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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by steni View Post
I personally don't feel pessimist about this, just need to wait and see...

I'm not going to comment or criticize the current arrangement, at the moment. I'll wait and see like you guys.

However, it would help if people knew their strategy (or more about this gentlemen background and/or qualifications). 'Oh Yeah'. That's part of the problem (his background, or apparent lack of it). I forgot. And of course, if I was Petra, I would never want Lucie Safarova 'hand me downs' to begin with in the first place. But that's another argument.

Serena brought in a noted boxing guy to work on her fitness/conditioning, after being out and sick a year. Good for her. And the thing is, you don't need to hire Eddie Futch, Cus D'Amato or Emmanuel Steward (famous boxing trainers). You would just need someone that is relatively cheap, but experienced/quality; were around top fighters, and knows the training regimen, and could convert it for a Tennis Player.

Aggassi hired Gil Reyes full time (who wasn't famous at the time), as another example.

Other athletes, even if they have a personal fitness trainers, will still bring in experts. For example, Track and Field guys can REALLY help you with your quickness, sprinting, reaction time/explosion, as well as stamina. Again, you don't need to bring in Michael Johnson or Glen Mills (Usain Bolt's coach; though it could help of course, lol). But you can bring in someone good enough (in the concepts and drills) and cheap enough to help Petra improve her sprinting, reaction time and explosion. That's what she needs [to reclaim] more than anything, I feel. Petra wasn't in position to hit those spectacular winners last year, as she was in 2011. Of course, her confusion, lack of anticipation, and other factors had something to do with it as well.

I'm sure Petra has normal work out drills for footwork and explosion. I've seen her with Ivanko. My question is, have they sought out the other people who specialize in this (like Track And Field or other Coaches), who could squeeze out more? It's that, or will she/they give it a special emphasis this year (or repeat what worked in 2011)?

This would be the same, as bringing in noted tennis specialist to work on your serve or return, though you already have a tennis coach. The question is: What's the commitment (of her team)?

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see?

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