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Re: US X Factor 2012 (Chat Thread) Tate Stevens is the winner, See you all for S3

Some of my thoughts regarding the finale:

- Tate winning is bad but very expected. Another WGWG winning. Yawn. At least he's more talented than Scotty McReery, I guess.
- Fifth Harmony improved exponentially in their last performances. "Anything Could Happen" was the best performance of the season by anyone by a MILE. It was the first performance apart from "Anytime You Need a Friend" that I felt they really felt and looked like a group. Dinah's high falsetto note was orgasmic, and everyone's vocals were on point, even Normani and Ally's. Camila was amazing as usual.
- The encore performance of ACH was basically just as good as the first performance
- "Let It Be" was a bit of a disappointment at the start (Normani's vocals were so shaky), but basically Dinah and Camila at the end saved the whole performance. Camila especially, her LETITBELETITBELETITBEYEAHHH was sooo good.
-Although 5H didn't win, I believe they can be legitimitely big artists in the future. I think they'll be the most successful out of this whole season.

- Carly got really boring towards the end. Yes her performances were still good but what I've realized is that her voice doesn't have many shades and tones. She kind of sounds the same when she's singing soft or loud, high or low... Also "Hallelujah" is possibly the most overdone song on these shows (apart from maybe I Have Nothing, oh god) and so predictable/lame of her to sing that song.
- LOL at LeAnn Rimes. Oh Gosh.

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