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Re: Julia Görges Interviews and Twitter thread

Nice interview with Let’s start from the beginning. Why tennis? When, where and how did you start playing this sport?

Julia Goerges: When I was about one year old I was already member of a tennis club as my parents brought me in. I started playing tennis with almost six years. I just loved to hit on the ball but there was nothing specific why I was starting. I just enjoyed it. After the first contact and the first tournaments played did you realize immediately that tennis would be what you would like to do for the rest of your life?

Julia Goerges: No, not really. I was swimming as well when i was young like 10 years old. Finally I decided for tennis as I couldn't combine both anymore from the time. But I didn't really think of doing it professional. It was always a dream but never thought I could really become a good pro a player in the top 20. Throughout the last two or three years you have improved significantly. Among several achievements, you’ve won your first WTA titles, and defeated four top-10 players in 2012. Was this the result of a well-planned evolution or did you make some adjustments in your game? What do you think you still need to change to improve even more?

Julia Goerges: I changed my coach some years ago and he showed me how to train hard and get my tennis on the right way as I wasn't fit at all and didn't have any tactics as I couldnt move. I could play fast but not moving around the court. We are working consistent now on some things, specially being consistent and getting fitter and fitter. As this you can always improve. Some things take a little while to get better and this time you have to give yourself and its paying off every year so far ;-) I need to get more consistent as the top 10 players are, that's what you need to really get there. Do you already feel you can defeat anyone on the circuit?

Julia Goerges: I know how dangerous my game is when I am playing well. In women's tennis everything is possible. I have showed a lot of times I can beat top 10 players and number ones. But to say you can beat everyone is tough, as every match starts from zero and every match is different. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. In women's tennis everything is possible. You are regularly indicated as one of the potential contenders to make a good run on Grand Slams but your better result was only the 4th round. Are you disappointed with your performances or do you believe that good results will come sooner or later?

Julia Goerges: I improved every year in the Grand Slams so I hope I can keep going. I know I have the potential to go far in the Grand Slams and it's also my goal but I need to give myself time as well. For me it's important to work hard and consistent and then everything will come. You have one of the fastest serves on the WTA Tour and your forehand is one of the most powerful as well. What is the secret behind it? It’s not usual to see a woman serving at 200 Km/h.

I don't really know ;-) I have a fast arm, I am tall and talent as well;-) It's a weapon and nice to have. You have to work on it a lot and it got all better. There are many factors I would say but you need a fast arm for that for sure ;-) In your biography on the WTA website you said that Martina Hingis inspired you during your childhood. What you most admire on her?

Julia Goerges: I just loved the way she was playing. She played chess with all the players. Great eyes and feeling on the court. Martina won five Grand Slams in singles and nine in doubles. Do you believe you can achieve these kind of numbers or even surpass them?

Julia Goerges: I don't wanna think about that as first I need to show something in Grand Slam, something big. I am not really using any numbers at all in my career. I think every player has the dream to win a Grand Slam. Who’s your idol on the men’s circuit? Why?

Julia Goerges: Roger Federer. Everything looks so easy, cool guy and sportsman. I just love watching him play. What are your expectations for 2013? And for the rest of your career, do you have any specific goal in mind?

Julia Goerges: I wanna get more and more consistent as I am having to many sloppy periods during the year which I wanna stop. Thats my biggest goal. There has been quite a discussion about the prize money distribution on men’s and women’s Tour. Some players like Janko Tipsarevic or Gilles Simon said men should be paid more than women because their tennis is more “enjoyable to watch”. What are your thoughts about it?

Julia Goerges: I think that mens should get more money for the grand slams as they play best of 5 in the grand slams and the matches take way longer than ours but on the other side they get much more money in the normal tournaments starting from the first round already so it's all fair at the end. You have played many doubles matches but you switch partners a lot. Don’t you have a favorite partner or someone who could play with you on a regular basis?

Julia Goerges: I am playing with Barbora Zahlavova-Strycova from Czech next year. We’re living one of the most balanced eras of all time on women’s tour. The level amongst top-50 players it’s pretty similar and we have the sense that anyone can beat anyone. How do you evaluate these years on the WTA Tour? And specifically on german tennis?

Julia Goerges: I would say its great to have a balanced level. It makes it more interesting for everyone I guess;-) the german tennis is back and thats great to be part of this. We all were working hard on this as we got a lot of pressure doing the same as Steffi and Boris, but they are champs, legends. We will never achieve that but we try to come as close as we can. Let’s talk about Portugal! You said on your twitter account that the preparation in Portugal was the best in your career so far. Why? And why did you choose Portugal?

Julia Goerges: The Cascade Resort in Lagos is a sponsor of me and its a great place. It was my best preparation so far as I could do much more than the last years. I got much fitter and we did a lot. I already played a great level after some week which I didn't do last year. We all enjoyed our stay there.The facility is just great to do an off-season there as you have everything what you need and all is so close. You just walk like 2 mins to the courts and gym. Just great! Did you visit other places in Portugal besides Algarve? What did you visit?

Julia Goerges: No, i didn't visit anything. Do you plan to return, maybe to play Estoril Open?

Julia Goerges: I don't know my schedule for the next year yet. But I enjoyed my times in portugal. So there is a chance for sure;-)

Bolamarela Q&A:

Toughest defeat? Radwanska in 4th round of Australian Open 2012
Greatest win? Tournament win in Stuttgart
Tournament you would love to win? I love Australia so much,so some tournaments in Australia, but a dream to win was Stuttgart.
Toughest opponent? Azarenka and Williams
Favorite surface? Clay and Hard
Best friends on the tour? Jill Craybas from the US
Beach or snow? Beach
Meat or Fish? Meat
Fame or love? Love
Day or night? Night
Favorite movie? Notting Hill
Favorite song? Many songs. A lot from the charts
Favorite TV Shows? German daily soaps, voice of germany
Greatest tennis player ever? Steffi Graf
Funniest tennis player? Daniel Nestor my mixed partner
If you could chat with someone (dead or alive), who would it be?
Don't really know someone at the moment Thanks, Julia.

Julia Goerges: I wanna get more and more consistent as I am having to many sloppy periods during the year which I wanna stop. Thats my biggest goal.
Well, if she manages to do that she will definitely be in the top 10 at the end of next year (as I predicted )
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