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Re: Mirjana's 2013 Down Under swing

Believe, Allistair McCaw ( Mirjana is working with him on her fitness) is well aware of what Mirjana has to do. Hope it will all work out for 2013.

Having good movement is a vital to being a better player. These days the very best players in the world are looking for coaches and trainers to help them move better.
The days of having just a 'fitness trainer' who can lead you around the gym and throw in a couple of speed drills are quickly coming to an end. This game is about movement first and the best players are seeking experts in this area.

So for this week, start by looking for an area in your players movement that can be improved and go to work on it.
One of the best ways to do this is to video record a few points of the player and then watch them move in slow motion.

Look for one thing that can be improved, no more (for example the legs or body position) Then have the player work on those movements without racquet in hand first.
So for example, if it's their recovery from a wide court position movement that needs work, then maybe they need to load their outside leg a little more to get a better push off.
From there, progress to the player having racquet in hand performing the movement numerous times over (no ball in play).

This week the focus is on improving one movement specific.
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