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Re: Just watched The Hobbit and while it has some flaws the movie is still epic!

Originally Posted by Olórin View Post
It is a good film, but I feel it suffers like much art does following a great tradition, and ends up being much too self-referential and self-aware for my taste. The problem was at times it seemed intentional.

Also the run time is at least 20 mins too long. The chase out of goblin-town is like a video game and Thorin's confrontation and Bilbo's intervention against Azog at the end feels so contrived. There should have been more advancing of the plot and less hacking and slashing imo. These two scenes really detracted from the end of the movie to me. I think once I get used to them on repeat viewings I'll be able to enjoy the whole a lot more.

I'm still a bit sceptical about how they're managing to stretch it out for two more films without doing even more of the above.
Excellent post. I even felt like the characterisation got a bit lost, especially between the main protagonists. Ian Mckellen was superb as expected, but Radagast's character was so cartoonish. I felt it undermined the character development that unfolded so brilliant in the LOTR trilogy. Maybe it will happen in the next two films, but there seemed to be a lot of tedious 'slash and giggle' moments.

Overall though, I really did enjoy it, if only for the swell of nostalgia. And Galadriel>>>>>>>>>>>
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