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Re: Mirjana's 2013 Down Under swing

Originally Posted by ajmo! View Post
oh man I'm dreaming of seeing Mirjana play like Mary.
Now that she's looking like her(hair and eye- glasses) she could eb there visor is the only thing preventing her from being top player
Yep. This was fun to read from you, and great to see that clip. Tennis matches live forever, eh.

I'd have to dig through the heap of nonsense I have strewn, but there is a big "Mary Pierce reference" I also once made in Mirjana's regard.

If any game contemporary to hers could be referenced, I do believe it was Mirjana/Mary ... even down to the wicked fathers.

Always enjoyed Pierce, for that "wild, dangerous horse" thoroughbred factor -- which I also believe Mirjana shared BIG time. I often saw Pierce as a cipher of Lucic, and vice versa. Mirjana, frankly, had perhaps a little more talent than Pierce, in my opinion. Both with that desperate, devastating inside-out flat forehand and a big-but-brainless backhand.

Spilled milk.

Mirjana could have been "up there" regularly -- competing with Mary and Lindsay and the rest.

Time was robbed, but she still has some power; something special can still happen for Lucic. I would question anyone who really doubts that possibility.

What memories of Lindsay, though. Such impeccable strokes. But even after she got skinnier than sin itself, she was not a good mover. Her poor anticipation robbed her of probably five or six slams. Most brutal strokes (technically) since Evert, but with none of Evert's uncanny anticipation and fabulous footwork skills. Idiots now watch old clips and think Evert was a "pusher" when, for her time, she was in fact murderously aggressive from the baseline ... dictated to kill her opponent.

Mirjana had/has some explosive Steffi brilliance, I always thought. She absolutely would have been contending for big titles (like Pierce) had her talent been nurtured, instead of abused. But she could still have a breakout season, mentally, and do something stunning. I would never rule that out for Lucic.

Obviously, Slam titles are not the likeliest, but I am convinced she could haul-off and win a possibly prestigious WTA title, or reach the quarters of a Slam.

In 2013, she absolutely has the skill and experience and guts to break out of her obstacles and finish a season in the Top 60.

Best of luck to her: people don't realize, but it's amazing that she got back to the Top 100 and has actually managed to cling to its edges for almost three consecutive years. Hope she has a great time fighting this new year.
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