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Re: The end of the year thread (Moscow, Istanbul, Toronto EXHO, Czech LEAGUE)

The Tennis Space

Friday, 14 December 2012

Wimbledon finalist Agnieszka Radwanska answers questions from readers of The Tennis Space:

When you’re playing a match, do you find that you end up having casual thoughts about the rest of your day? Also, if you caught a goldfish and he gave you three wishes, what would you wish for? (Ola.) To be honest I’m normally really focused during the matches, from one point to the next… 3 wishes, that’s tough… Maybe Wimbledon, the French and the US Open… All in one year… haha

Apart from Krakow, where do you feel most at home on your travels? (Tom Colin.) I love Krakow so that it my absolute number 1! I like Miami (have fond memories there after winning last year) and Indian Wells is a beautiful place with a nice vibe too. I have a good record at Wimbledon, dating back to when I won the juniors, so that always brings back special memories too.

First of all I must say I love your style of play. It’s not about baseline grinding like the power players. You have so much finesse in your game and I love that. So what’s the surface which best suits your game? And is that also your favourite surface to play on? (Nabonita Bala.) I like hard court and grass. Funnily enough, I grew up practicing on red clay though.

What type of music do you like to listen to before matches? (Sebastien Guilotte.) I’m listening to a lot of Kanye West right now.

First of all can I say just how much you’ve inspired me as I followed your progression through Wimbledon. You’re amazing. My question to you is, from starting tennis so young, how did you not lose interest? As at that age I didn’t know what to do. (Joe Needham.) That’s a good question. Tennis is obviously an individual sport so it can get very lonely and a lot of kids lose interest. I have always been fortunate enough to play a similar schedule as my sister, Ula, so we’ve kept each other motivated. For me, I have the best job in the world, traveling the world and playing tennis

Is it easy to have friends on the tour? (Rachel). It can be both easy and hard because these are your rivals. There are a few native Polish speakers, Caro and Angie for example who like to chat!

Have you thought about what you’re going to do after your playing career? Would you like to do something connected to tennis or maybe something completely different? Have you found something which could possibly make you as happy as playing tennis? (Magdalena Golec.) I have been studying for a degree in tourism at university so perhaps I’ll use that in some capacity.

If you had to choose between winning a grand slam in singles or a grand slam in doubles with your sister, what would you choose? (Sports Guy.) Great question. Would have to be both! And Olympic Gold. And Fed Cup! Am I asking for too much? Ha ha.
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