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Re: Predict who will win the 2013 head-to-head between Sharapova and Azarenka

Originally Posted by doomsday View Post
Serena will do her very best to interfere as the N3 seed it's very likely though.
She will snatch both of them.
Originally Posted by Miss Atomic Bomb View Post
She won't be the N3 seed for too long. Afterwards Australia, they will have plenty of opportunities to play eachother in the semis.
Originally Posted by dragonflies View Post
Going to the AO, Serena will have a lead of 1,000+ points over Azarenka and almost 1,000 points over Sharapova in safe points. The later 2 also have lots of points to defend in the first half of the season, so if Serena plays a normal schedule, she is likely to be ranked ahead of both of them till Wimbledon. That means Aza and Maria could meet in the SF, instead of only in the finals.
I was kind of joking, but fine.

yes, ranking is clear, (750pts over Azarenka and 600pts over Maria actually), she'll be #1 after AO and the luckier one of Maria-Vika will stay #2. But there is no warrant both will be in top form and avoid upsets all the time to meet in SFs (or Finals when Serena doesnt play).

- Azarenka-Radwanska happened 6 times over 4 mothns and neither of it was in final. The probability of this scenario is very little.
- OTOH Azarenka-Kvitova never happened in 2012, and not just because Kvitova "sucked".
Which is more likely? 6-8 meetings or 0?
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