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Re: Predict who will win the 2013 head-to-head between Sharapova and Azarenka

Originally Posted by dsanders06 View Post
Orrr, maybe, just maybe, the thread was created because I genuinely want to discuss the most interesting rivalry on the WTA right now. Or are you guys seeing what you want to see again like in the "where does Serena go from here", where you genuinely all believed that I'd written Serena was washed-up and that the thread was an "epic fail" even though nothing I wrote in it was disproven

Kindly don't post in this thread again unless you have something to contribute other than lame GIFs and/or failed attempts at burns.
1. I just found it a curious case of 'humble'-pie. Because even after IW most Mashafans were dismissing Vika as a genuine rival ( saying things like she's just lucky this ain't peak Masha, yada yada, but I guess then U.S. open and Beijing happened and her fans finally realised that Vika might actually be a player and have something to say in this rivalry.

2. I'm sure we'll be talking about that infamous thread about Serena by next U.S. open. Too bad it got closed, because it'd love to see if you were gonna be man enough to admit that you'd been exposed as a fool.

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