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Originally Posted by StoneRose View Post
I exaggerated a bit because it's downright impossible to answer intelligently to the dumb arguments some Masha fans bring to the table.

But yes, i certainly believe Vika will have the edge. There were 6 matches this year and Vika won the first 2 with very convincing scorelines. It got closer thereafter, Maria was much too strong in Stuttgart. Maybe Vika underestimated her there but based on that encounter alone i'd give Maria the edge on that surface. USO was close too, then again Vika was considerably stronger second and third set. Maria just couldn't hit through Vika anymore. YEC Vika was clearly very tired, imo she shouldn't have played Linz with such an important tournament coming up but i got the impression she was already happy to clinch #1 there. Underestimation and fatigue can be no excuses of course and there are undoubtedly excuses to be made for Maria as well on some of these occasions.

Apart from the numbers, 4-2 this year, it's the way their matches on HC go. I don't think Maria can keep up with the pace Vika put's in these rallies for 2 sets. Of course Maria has more power and can hit winners (and also errors) more easily than Vika but she needs some time to do that, on form Vika isn't giving her that time on HC. And HC's where most of the tournaments are played. Grass, i don't know. I thought Vika played a slightly better grass season than Maria but they didn't meet so it's unclear for now.

I'm surprised myself you give Masha the edge 5-2. She would have to be playing a lot better or Vika a lot worse in their H2H than this year for that to happen.
What a lot of crap so Vika underestimated Maria in Stuttgart but this is in Stuttgart that Vika played a better match than all the previous and future meetings against Maria
Vika was simply outplayed in Stuttgart, admit it the stats speaks for themselves.

As for US Open, it's funny cause you can come up with the Vika was tired in the YEC while in US you don't pay attention to the fact that after 2 three setter over Petrova and Bartoli, Maria's shape was also in poor condition she really was hitting Vika off the court in the first set before really DFing like crazy at the end if the first set and give hope to Vika to comeback in this one, Vika didn't do anything to break at 5-1 Maria basically gave her the game.

As for the last two sets, I will admit that Vika started moving a lot better, hitting harder too but you have to be blind to not see that Maria's shots weren't as fierce as they were in the first set, she was also all over the place she had many chances to win more than 2 games in this set but she was really up and down.
She missed 2 game points at 1-0, then missed a lot of break points at 1-3 then 2-4 as well and finally blew 3 game points in a row to go 3-5 for Vika, it would have been interesting to see Vika forced to close the second set but whatever.
In the last set she won 4 games purely on her will she couldn't even return to save her life.

Anyway I think Dsanders summed it up pretty damn well in the last 4 meetings, Maria is getting more closer to Vika than you think and I also noticed that Maria's serve is also becoming stronger and stronger month by month if she keep it up she can definitely turn this rivalry to her side but I do expect Vika to prevail sometimes too that's for sure.

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