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Re: Antwerp Exhibition: Kim Clijsters def. Venus Williams 6-3 6-3

Originally Posted by ivanw2008 View Post
GTFOH all I was saying is she chose not to play the top 3 in the world, she could have played this farewell match against anyone she wanted because she is that well liked among the players. Venus was NEVER Kim's main rival that would be Justine no matter how you try to look at it. The "rivalry" between Kim and Venus didn't even begin until 2005. I see trolling is always easy for you.
Originally Posted by ivanw2008 View Post
True and I didn't mean to insinuate that they hadn't played before 2005 just that Venus lead the H2H 6-2 before the USO 2005. I would hardly call that a rivalry as one poster did. I think Venus was a good choice but Kim easily could have attempted to play an exhibition against one of the world's current top ranked players and I feel she chose not to for a reason and I don't think that reason was her having a great "rivalry" with Venus. Have they played some amazing matches against one another over the years? Absolutely.
Jesus Christ. You're making no sense at all - just contorting yourself and being utterly facetious.

Last time I checked the current top three just had a exho in Brazil. So it's kinda stupid at such an offseason time to expect them to follow an intensive schedule and start flying half way around the world just to go from one exho to another.

And of course Justine (her №1 rival) is pregnant - so out of the question.

That leaves Venus as precisely the right candidate that meets the criteria of being a big enough name (to justify expensive tickets) and who at the same time also has a long enough history with Clijsters that justifies the obligatory pre/post-match indulgence in reminiscing about their various encounters and time spent on the tour.
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