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Re: Antwerp Exhibition: Kim Clijsters def. Venus Williams 6-3 6-3

Originally Posted by n1_and_uh_noone View Post
You can see that while Kimberly's heart was not in the game when she retired in 2007, it is Kimora's body that prevents her from continuing, the game and (presumably) love for the sport are still there. Nice to see HaKima got a proper farewell in front of her home crowd. Sadly Justine never got around to doing such a thing. She would probably have been criticized no end for it, like Kimothy is here , and of course criticized for quitting anyway.

Of course, Kimbrella had Venus' number. Have to believe Venus had to be at her absolute best to win all those matches against Kimone in the past. Stellar defense (we know JJ loves the match-up with Venus too) combined with opportunistic offense = worst opponent for Venus. Kimiko could have continued easily and contended for the HC slams for another couple of years.
Ex hi bi tion

Nice to see Kim finally retire and thank all her fans once again.
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