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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Achernar View Post
As I've said before, I enjoy reading about other countries, so I, for one, have found an interest to your digression And although I do not fully share your opinion about the Americans and their current president, I always have an interest in your POV about them. And I understand your feelings.

About religious beliefs, being a believer is not a problem in itself: it becomes a problem when religious leaders govern through elected politicians. Or when laws are written being inspired by centuries-old religious books that are no longer in tune with modern values.

I would add that atheists are far less numerous than your comment would suggest. Less than 5% of the worlwide population. Even in France more than 50% of the citizens declare being believers. In many Europeans countries, 70% to 90% of the population believes in God, or in some spirituality. Also, I don't think than being "moral" has anything to do with religious beliefs. Our moral behavior is much more related to our education and our social environment.
Thank you for your kind words AND your interest in Mexico

Don't have much to add except that,in the forensic sense,morals are not empirical facts so there's always an element of subjectivity to them and we can't literally PROVE that someone's morals are good or bad.

Also,I'll say that your statement about religious values being outdated is,itself,a mere belief that's no better or worse,forensically,than those ideas which you feel no longer have any value.Though you have lots of people who agree with you,there's also a vast multitude that strongly DISagrees.Even if you managed to win an academically well-organized debate against someone who disagreed with you,that wouldn't PROVE that you were right and your opponent wrong...that could simply be a case where your counterpart had poor debating skills......Personally,I don't feel threatened by the existence of opposing viewpoints b/c I have enough conviction in my own such that I don't need others to confirm by agreement.....but I'm definitely in the minority in THAT respect

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