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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
That's not true at all. We don't hate religion with a passion in Britain and I'm sure the same goes in Europe. Some of my best friends are religious - some are atheists. We all get on just fine and the idea we'd hate each other about it is absurd. I see there's a lot of hate on these boards against anyone religious. But GM and these boards is all about hate anyway and is not representative of people in the real world.

What we don't have here is religious dogma tied to power and politics trying to ram dogma down our throats.
I chose my words very poorly above;obviously,not all Europeans hate any form of religion,and you'll probably believe me when I say that I didn't mean that.My intent was more in line what you touched on in the latter part of your first paragraph: Europeans who belong to blogs and forums invariably despise not only religion but,usually,its adherents.Even THAT isn't a complete absolute but,as you've surely noticed,it seems to be an overwhelming majority

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