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Re: PEAK Maria vs PEAK Vika

Originally Posted by Vincey! View Post
They played ONE time on grass, only one time! It's ridiculous to pretend Kvitova would automatically beat Maria again if they were to play on grass again solely based on ONE single match where Petra was playing really well and Sharapova was looking for her confidence. I'd always pick Federer over Nadal on every surfaces except Clay even if Rafa is leading on their H2H. That match up on other surface than Clay is on Federer's racquet not on Nadal's. Same thing goes for Maria agaisnt Petra.
every match against Petra is on MARIA'S racquet?!

Originally Posted by Vincey! View Post
LOL you know nothing about Sharapova's career. She peaked at much more tournaments than those. I personally don't even consider her performance during the Wimbledon 2004 her peak. Anyway that being said, Sharapova has at least proved that she can reproduce her "peak" form a few times during her career so far. Kvitova "peaked" during only 2 tournaments within the same 6 months. We have no idea if Petra will ever reach that level again, at least Sharapova has proven being able to get back to a level close to her best. Which to me gives Sharapova a clear edge over Kvitova. She's one of the player who has the best H2H against her as well with Serena.
In that regard you're right. The onus is on Petra now to prove that she wasn't a flash in the pan.

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